Markt 12 in Rheine

A house with tradition and history

17th + 18th century

In 1649, the Markt 12 house was rebuilt by the pensioner Johan Lethmate and his wife Anna von Beesten on the foundations of the previous building, which was destroyed in the great fire caused by the Swedish troops of September 20/21,1647 in the last year of the Thirty Years' War. After the paternal line of the Lethmate family died out, the house was used as an "inn for the distinguished classes" and was known as such far beyond the borders of Westphalia.

In 1799, Napoleon seized power in France. In Rheine, through the marriage with Elisabeth Schlüter, the mayor and merchant Theodor Striethorst brought the Markt 12 into the family. After the death of the Striethorst couple, the house was put up for auction by court order.

19th century

In 1821, Rheine is under Prussian rule. The Markt 12 house is sold to the Schmier family at an auction. They have previously operated a restaurant in Münsterstrasse and are expanding the restaurant business in Markt 12 with, among other things, a brewery in which home-brewed beer is offered.

By 1880, Rheine was already strongly influenced by the textile industry. Wilhelm Beckers, a textile merchant, acquires Markt 12. His son Wilhelm Becker later ran a shop for "manufactories, clothing, beds and dowries" in the house. The family with the five children lives on the first floor.

20th century

In 1944, Wilhelm Becker transfers the fate of the house to his son Rudolf, which was miraculously only slightly damaged during the war. In the course of the following decades, it repeatedly undergoes reconstruction and renovation work.

In 1993, Rudolf Beckers transfers the responsibility for the house to the hands of his youngest son, Rüdiger, who continues to run the "Wäsche Beckers" business here until the end of 2008, continuing after the death of his parents.

21th century

In 2011, after almost three years of vacancy, the Bremenkamp family undertakes to renovate the traditional building so that it will remain a living testimony to the eventful history of the city of Rheine for future generations.

From 2013 - Spring 2018, there is an ice cream parlour on the ground floor.

From 2014 - 2018, gradually, the inner courtyard, the staircase with elevator and finally the holiday apartments "Anna" and "Johan" are

renovated on the 2nd floor.